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Rodgers & Hammerstein thread con#51
Posted: 5/30/20 at 2:29am

This is a very unusual chat board. There are rarely any discussions not filled with rancor. I've signed up ten years ago, but I was afraid to go near any controversial subject for the first six. I had been called a homophobe, a misogynist, a racist. But I discovered that I was very capable of defending myself if necessary.

People here fit the stereotypes of New Yorkers. You can post some video of interest to the topic, and people will read it, and some will presumably like it, but no one will comment on it.

Quite often a newcomer makes his or her first post, saying something friendly like, "Hi, everyone. I'm new here and I have a question. Is it better to sit in the side orchestra seats at the Beaumont, or to sit in the rear balcony center?" 

And no one will answer them. The post will just slide down the page accumulating viewers, but no one EVER responds, "Hey, welcome. Nice to have you. In my experience at the Beaumont....."

And the poor lonely orphan just slides to the bottom of the page with no responses.

But I'm here to learn about the theater, and I've learned an awful lot from people like you and Gaveston.

An odd thing about Linda that you really notice when she's in concert with Riddle. She has a powerful and versatile set of pipes, but when she addresses the audience her voice is rather timid, and sweet, and,. well, girlish. Perfect for the role of Mabel.



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Rodgers & Hammerstein thread con#52
Posted: 5/31/20 at 6:51pm

A nearby PBS station (LA, I think: it's hard to tell with cable) is showing a full Ronstadt concert from 1980 tonight. Of course, I have set the DVR. I think it starts here in PDT at 6pm; I don't know if it is unique to that station or is being shown elsewhere.

Blue, I admit pleasantries such as "welcome to the board" don't occur to me UNLESS I also have some info in response to the OP's first post. I should probably make more of an effort.