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so single payer in NY is still a no-go?

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so single payer in NY is still a no-go?#1
Posted: 3/8/20 at 6:42pm

I'm stunned that the New York Health Act hasn't gained any more traction in the Empire State's legislative body.  In fact, it seems that only a Democratic Socialist of America candidate running for NY State Senate is willing to make it one of his priorities.  I remember reading the Rand Corp study which concluded that the cost of implementation would greatly exceed the state's tax revenues.

Those of us outside NY would appreciate any insights New Yorkers would like to share?

New York Is Still A Long Way From Universal Health Care


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so single payer in NY is still a no-go?#2
Posted: 3/10/20 at 7:26pm
If your idea of quality healthcare is like Canada and the UK with long waits to see a specialist and rationing have at it. Think of VA healthcare on speed

Imagine Corona again with Government in charge. Good luck
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so single payer in NY is still a no-go?#3
Posted: 3/11/20 at 12:56am

Imagine Covid with Trump in charge. (You're soaking in it).

People in Canada and the UK love their healthcare.

Contrary to US nay-sayers.

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