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Uptempo Mezzo audition song desperately needed!

Swing | Joined: 2/19/20
Hi. Im auditioning for a local youth theater production of Disneys Moana Jr. I do a lot of theater, and work so hard and spend so much time and effort on it, but Ive still never gotten cast as the lead. I have more theater experience and time devoted than most of the kids I know, and yet I never get good roles.

Ive auditioned for this company many times before, and have a good relationship with the director, but this works both ways, because Im afraid she cant separate me from the irresponsible tone deaf little girl I was a few years ago.

This audition is coming up soon, and I want to audition for the lead role (Moana) but if I write that on my form does it look too ambitious or desperate? Especially for someone whos never been a lead role before, I mean, should I even risk getting my hopes up?

Ive been looking at material from other broadway Disney shows and Im just stuck. I dont wanna sign something thats overdone or cliche, but I feel like a lot of the songs that portray a similar meaning to Moana, are kind of cliches.

Im sorry if this sounds bratty or I sound like an idiot or some lazy person who cant decide on a song for herself, but if anyone had any suggestions for what I should sing, or just, comments on my experience overall, I would be so so so so grateful. I just want to do well at this audition, Im sick of being so nervous Im nauseous waiting for a casting email only to find out that unfortunately they no longer need to see me,. Thanks so much!!!