Why I take it very personal for any politician to charge a U.S. citizen with a crime and deny that citizen his constitutional due process rights.


As I mentioned previously, I am a war veteran, and a person who was employed at Hines VA hospital, one of the largest VA hospitals in the USA.  I have seen many veterans horribly injured in my life.  They took the oath to defend the constitution and paid a heavy price.

Additionally, we have 5 veterans in our immediate family, living and deceased.  Four of those are war veterans:  WWII, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, and my uncle Dan’, a veteran of the U.S, Marines, peace time.  My Uncle Mathew is and was a true war hero, flying 31 missions over Germany as a bomber gunner in WWII.  I have little patience for ignorant politicians who offend the service of our war heroes, the 1.6 million brave soldiers who gave their life for the constitution, and politicians who offend the veterans in my family.  I don’t give a hoot if the President is a Democrat, a Republican, a chicken, Mr. Rogers, a cardinal behind my house; you want to impeach the President?  You comply with the constitution!     My last post on this topic

Updated On: 1/30/20 at 06:40 PM