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Posted: 1/23/20 at 12:15pm

Did anyone watch her Holding to the Ground BWW posted yesterday? Ive seen Eden twice over the years and always kept up with videos posted of her on YouTube- but saw her many years ago in Brooklyn when I was a teen, and was absolutely blown away. I had never heard someone sing like her live, so high and effortless and powerful. I know the show isnt exactly beloved, but her performance absolutely knocked me out! Over the years, in video clips, I could tell she sounded strained at times in her mannnny years of Elphaba, though amazing at other times. I got to see her this past year in Falsettos at the Kennedy Center, and thought while she still had a gorgeous tone and a ton of power, there were times she was very flat, especially on big belted notes, and in some of the tight harmonies among the ensemble. I eagerly watched the new video of her yesterday, and liked how she started off very light and it sounded like she could control her voice better that way. However, on some of the big power notes, does anyone else feels that her vibrato drags her about one whole note flat, but only in a certain part of her voice? When she takes a higher note on its my liii-ife, it sounds great and almost like it helps her avoid the problem area. I still think shes an incredible performer, but I do find the pitch issue distracting as a listener at times. But I feel like shes so good otherwise, shell continue to get cast in these powerhouse singing roles. Curious if anyone else has thoughts/insight on this!

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