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An American in Paris 2020 Tour

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An American in Paris 2020 Tour#1
Posted: 1/12/20 at 3:59pm

I was looking at the schedule for the tour and wow, this looks brutal for such a physical, dance-oriented show. Lots of stretches of 10-14 days in a row, and I assume some of those are two show days. I have never understood the economics of tours like this building, striking and trucking the show, crew and cast to a new city every day for one performance (though yes, per the schedule, there are a few two day runs. Might they have two productions that leap frog each other to give the crew time to set it, test sound and lighting, etc.? 

I guess this helps my answer my earlier post about Equity versus non-Equity tours.

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An American in Paris 2020 Tour#2
Posted: 1/12/20 at 7:49pm
Nope def no leap frogging. Basically the cast goes back to the hotel, and the tech crew drive on ahead and have a sleeper bus.

A lot of times the tech elements will vary venue to venue on tours like this.

We had a Set A, Set B, Set C depending on what the venue could hold and how much time the crew had.
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An American in Paris 2020 Tour#3
Posted: 1/12/20 at 10:22pm
Interesting that it’s not a replicated production of the initial tour. It has an entirely new design and a new director and choreographer.