Please help pick among these shows

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Please help pick among these shows#1
Posted: 1/12/20 at 10:48am


I hope to see my first west end show in June. I visit NYC/Broadway at least once a year so I mainly chose shows that is not currently playing on Broadway. I have narrowed it down to these shows and would appreciate any input from you guys. I am also open to any other shows not on my list.

Sunday in the park with George: This is the my top choice for now due to its great reviews during the limited run on Broadway. However I have watched a few clips here and there and I am not liking the score too much. However I have to say that I have end up enjoying many shows for which I have seen highlights that didnt interest me much. Usually I prefer a more "modern" score than "classic" ones, of that makes any sense.



School of rock: always wanted to see it when Alwx Brightman was in the show but never got to. I wonder if it will be worth it with another actor.

Prince of Egypt


My favorite shows include: Once, Hedwig, Dear Evan Hansen, Hadestown Thanks!

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