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March Trip Show Suggestion/Advice

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March Trip Show Suggestion/Advice#1
Posted: 1/11/20 at 7:17pm
Hard to know since none of these three shows have opened yet, but two of them have had previous productions staged that are transferring. I have one more potential slot to fill and Im having difficulty deciding between Girl/North Country, The Minutes, and Virginia Woolf.

Otherwise all of my other shows and available times have been booked: TKAM, Caroline/Change, Company, Flying/Sunset, and Six. In the event this is the only time of the year I am up there and I cant catch anything AFTER the Tonys, I try to see everything with good reviews, word of mouth, buzz or award contenders... mostly musicals, but the occasional play.

I perused some of the N. Country threads from Off-Bway and that was initially my top choice, but I love August Osage County and the cast/team behind The Minutes, so thats kind of enticing. Same with Virginia Woolfs names, plus Ive never read the play because Ive wanted to see a production of it. Another advantage of The Minutes is that it was staged at Steppenwoolf so thought Id ask if anyone saw it there.

I havent counted out Off-Bway, but havent looked too much into it (since it is a couple months out) besides maybe Emojiland depending on the response or All The Natalie Portmans just because shes one of my favorite actresses and Id like to see how shes implemented in that. Any recommendations or advice appreciated!
March Trip Show Suggestion/Advice#2
Posted: 1/11/20 at 10:28pm

I saw The Minutes at Steppenwolf a couple of years ago, and really loved it. It is not quite as intense as A:OC, but really engaging and interesting. It's very timely in its dissection of political discourse, and approaches difficult subject matter with Letts's typical witty, alarming prose. Also: seeing what happens in the final five or so minutes is maybe the most shocked I've ever been in a theater. Suffice it to say I think it's a strong contender for your final spot! I'm sure it'll be great with this new cast as well.

I obviously haven't seen this production of Woolf, but I saw the one starring Tracey Letts a few years back and it really is a sublime play. It's hard to go wrong with that one, and Laurie Metcalf is pretty perfect casting. That being said, you're far more likely to find a revival of Woolf in the future than you are of The Minutes!

Haven't seen Girl From the North Country, so I can't weigh in there. Sounds like you're going to have an excellent trip regardless, though! My first pilgrimage is in March as well, and I am counting down the days.