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Buck Henry

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Mr Roxy
Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Buck Henry #1
Posted: 1/10/20 at 4:46pm
Shocked no mention of the passing of Buck Henry

Great resume . One of the pioneers of Sat Night Live when it was funny and not mean spirited. Co creator of Get Smart. Graduate also on his resume ,
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Broadway Legend
Buck Henry #2
Posted: 1/10/20 at 6:57pm

Enjoyed his cameo in The Player. Said so much about Hollywood.

He was one of the few who could go toe to toe w Belushi on SNL.


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Broadway Star
Broadway Star
Buck Henry #3
Posted: 1/11/20 at 5:37am

Allow me to toss in a kind word for To Die For, the movie that turned Nicole Kidman into a star. Henry's script was a mishmash of styles, but it was an enjoyable and sharply-written dark comedy. 

And one thing I'll say about John Belushi. He could work marvelously with co-stars with the right material. An old sketch with Gilda Radner in a landromat is wonderfully sweet. But Buck Henry was a terrific foil for him.