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Best Afternoon Tea

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Best Afternoon Tea#1
Posted: 1/7/20 at 2:47am

What's the best afternoon tea in nyc? Help would be appreciated :)

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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Best Afternoon Tea#2
Posted: 1/7/20 at 9:19pm

If u r talking about High Tea. for my money nothing beat the Plaza High Tea. It's pricey tho  about $60 now I think.  Total sensory experience. good selection of teas. my personal choice

I can recommend Lady Mendls  as well on Irving Place  much more intimate but just as good but different.$60

Lady Mendls is famous for its Crepe cake  but fewer choices of teas. 

There are many others those r the only 2 I have personal experience and Lady M's was several years ago.


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