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Michael Shannon, Cristin Milioti, Scott Adsit, Jon Glaser in Upright Citizens Brigade's Gravid Water

Gravid Water Profile Photo
Gravid Water
Stand-by | Joined: 11/19/07

Michael Shannon and Cristin Milioti join the November cast of UCB's Gravid Water, its monthly theater/improv mash-up.   This Monday, November 25th, is the 15th anniversary show.  Full cast below:

(Tickets are $9, and we'll squeeze everyone in from standby.)

New York's top improvisors and actors, from Broadway, 30 Rock, Conan, SNL, and beyond, perform in scenes from Stoppard to Sophocles, and everything in between. The actors will know their lines, and the improvisors will improvise, with no prior knowledge of the scenes!


Scott Adsit (30 Rock, Big Hero 6, Veep)
Carla Briscoe (Blue Caprice, Providence)
Becky Drysdale (Key & Peele, Orange is the New Black)
Jon Glaser (Girls, Parks & Rec, Jon Glaser Loves Gear)
Jonathan Kaplan (Broadway: The Diary of Anne Frank, Falsettos (Tony nom.))
Cristin Milioti (How I Met Your Mother, Fargo, Broadway: Once (Tony nom.))
Melle Powers (Chappelle's Show, The Old Friends)
Tami Sagher (Girls, Shrill, Don't Think Twice)
Michael Shannon (Revolutionary Road, Nocturnal Animals (Oscar noms.), Long Day's Journey...(Tony nom.))