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SpongeBob Musical airs on Nickelodeon December 7th

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That was quick! Looks like they filmed at the Theatre Royal Plymouth in November. Trailer is also out.

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I'm very excited! Nothing but love for this show and this cast.

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Mister Matt
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Huh.  I saw the tryout in Chicago and I found the show messy and mostly forgettable, but I'm curious to see what subsequent changes were made.

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Im anxious to see it
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I really, really enjoyed this on Broadway and hope there will be a Fathom Events screening.
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This just seems odd with the tour ongoing. (We have tickets for March).  So, I'll record it and decide whether to watch it in December or wait until after we see the tour.

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Yeah def seems odd considering the tour is bound to be "less than" compared to this.

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So far. It looks like it’s basically the tour set, am
I crazy?
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Luminaire2 said: "So far. It looks like it’s basically the tour set, am I crazy? "

Based on what I’ve seen, it seems to live somewhere between the Broadway and Tour set. It’s missing the broadway platform units that created the second level and the foley artist is in the tour location. However the ramps appear to be restored that were not present at my tour stop. Things that were practical on Broadway that were reduced to projection for tour appear to be back (ex: Squidward Sign). It also appears we have the broadway version of the volcano back with the tangled web of ladders from the flys as opposed to the roll on unit that is on the tour.