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Show Opinions for December Trip

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Show Opinions for December Trip#1
Posted: 11/18/19 at 7:55pm

Hi Everyone,

I'm coming into NYC in a few weeks and am stressing out about what shows to see (or attempt to see) for my last 3 slots. I'm debating between a fairly long list of shows and hoping to get some feedback on what shows you all would recommend. Here's what I was looking at:

Little Shop of Horrors (understanding that my chances at this are very low since my only attempt would be in-person lottery/cancellation on a weekend), Hadestown (I've already seen it once, but Amber Gray was out and I'd possibly be interested in seeing it again with her), Moulin Rouge, The Sound Inside, Slave Play, Scotland PA, and Sing Street (if I won the lottery).

What would your top shows be (odds of getting tickets aside)?

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Show Opinions for December Trip#2
Posted: 11/18/19 at 8:05pm
I love MOULIN ROUGE for its extensive scene changes. Great cast. SLAVE PLAY is audacious and long, over 2 hours for its One Act of 3 parts.

If I was in NY in December, I would want to check out A CHRISTMAS CAROL or AMERICAN UTOPIA.
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Show Opinions for December Trip#3
Posted: 11/18/19 at 8:07pm

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.

Still the funniest show I’ve ever seen next to Book of Mormon. 

Show Opinions for December Trip#4
Posted: 11/18/19 at 8:16pm

On your list I haven't seen the LSH and Sing Street (which didn't start yet). Slave Play is not to be missed. If you still haven't seen Beetlejuice, see it! I would see the Christmas Carol in December, I keep reading that it's very good.

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Show Opinions for December Trip#5
Posted: 11/18/19 at 9:25pm
Little Shop and MR are top-notch productions with great casts. Sound Inside isn’t for everyone, but if you like thought-provoking ambiguity anchored by strong performances, it’s worth a gander. Should be an easy ticket to score.
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Show Opinions for December Trip#6
Posted: 11/18/19 at 10:11pm

The Sound Inside will be talked about for years to come, mainly for MLP's master class of a performance. Do not miss it.

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Show Opinions for December Trip#7
Posted: 11/19/19 at 12:59am

Thanks for the feedback so far! If anyone has more thoughts, please keep 'em coming, but limit it to the shows on my list of possible. I've done all of my research at this point and between things I've already seen and am not really interested in seeing have decided on the list I stated above :) 

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Show Opinions for December Trip#8
Posted: 11/19/19 at 3:05am

1. Sing Street - see it cheap before it moves to the Lyceum (very strong rumor). I am biased because I am a product of 80’s New Wave music .... I am extra extra extra excited to see this.
2. The Sound Inside
3. Moulin Rouge
4. Little Shop of Horrors

5. Scotland PA
6. Hadestown (great show but since you’ve already seen it, it is demoted 2 spots)
7. Slave Play

If it was me, I would be deciding between Sing Street and The Sound Inside as my top choice.  Hard call for me between Moulin Rouge and Little Shop of Horrors for the third spot. 

These would be my top 4 choices regardless of price or difficulty in acquiring a ticket. It is a nice bonus that Sing Street and The Sound Inside won’t break the bank.

If you do not expect to be back in NYC in 2020-21 to see Sing Street on Broadway, see it now!

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Show Opinions for December Trip#9
Posted: 11/19/19 at 7:28am
Little Shop, The Sound Inside, and Moulin Rouge! are must sees. My top three favorite shows of the year. I didn’t care for Slave Play - I found it to be long and pretentious. Scotland PA is fun, but not a must see by any means.
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Show Opinions for December Trip#10
Posted: 11/19/19 at 9:08am

From your list, my number one recommendation would be Slave Play. I went in with incredibly low expectations and walked out seeing one of the best plays I’ve ever seen. It’s not for everyone, it’s VERY R-rated and really makes you pick yourself apart but it’s moving, it’s hilarious and you won’t stop thinking about it for quite sometime.

If you can score a ticket to Little Shop, see it. Great production and Groff and Blanchard are on the top of their game. Loved this.

Beetlejuice was also a lot of fun, Brightman should have won the Tony.

I haven’t seen The Sound Inside, but I’m very excited to. I just wish it was playing at a different venue because I hate Studio 54. So uncomfortable.

I wouldn’t recommend Moulin Rouge! unless it is something you are absolutely dying to see. It was passable entertainment but Karen and Aaron have less than zero chemistry and it really hurts the production as a whole. It isn’t going anywhere and may be better down the line with different leads.




Obviously haven’t seen Sing Street yet but I’m going to the first preview and very excited about it. I adore the movie. 

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Show Opinions for December Trip#11
Posted: 11/19/19 at 1:27pm

Falsettolands said: "The Sound Inside will be talked about for years to come, mainly for MLP's master class of a performance. Do not miss it."

But if you do miss it MLP is returning stage in Spring to reprise her role in How I Learned To Drive. There's also been rumblings here on if MLP would be up for Best Actress in two different roles the same season.