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54 Below Favorite Performance

Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
54 Below Favorite Performance #1
Posted: 10/24/19 at 5:33am

Not sure if this belonged here or on the Broadway board so I figured Id play it safe and write here.

Whats your favorite act that youve seen at 54 Below?

Mine is Tuesdays at 54 with Robbie Rozelle (which, btw, is like all this month through January so GO GET TICKETS), Rachel Tuckers solo show, and they had a HAIR show which I absolutely loved.


j wish I could say Brian Stokes Mitchell because I love that man but...his prices are too high for me =( Le sigh. 

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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
54 Below Favorite Performance #2
Posted: 11/5/19 at 2:36pm

Paulo Szot. I have seen him there multiple times. Such a nice intimate venue for a solo concert.

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