PianoBarLive! Moves Uptown to Brandy's

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PianoBarLive! Moves Uptown to Brandy's #1
Posted: 10/14/19 at 4:19pm

ScoBar Entertainment has announced that PIANO BAR LIVE! is “Movin’ on up, to the East Side!” Mondays in October at Brandy’s Piano Bar on the Upper East Side, on October 14, 21 and 28 at 7pm. Joining Piano Bar Maestro, MICHAEL McASSEY at the keys, will be a veritable “Who’s Who” of Cabaret and Broadway! PIANO BAR LIVE! is an interactive, live-streaming Piano Bar experience. THERE IS NO COVER CHARGE for PIANO BAR LIVE!  but there is a two drink minimum. (

Joining McAssey this evening will be 2019 MAC nominee songwriter/singer/arranger, Michele Brourman, who will grace us with songs from her current show "Love Notes" (Michele has an appearance at Birdland Theater this coming Sunday, 10/20 @ 7:00 pm.) Although this evening, there will be a special surprise performance; but you will have to Watch to Hear/See/Learn what it is.

New Location: Brandy's Piano Bar. Time: 7:00 p.m.

Updated On: 10/14/19 at 04:19 PM