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Are You OUT ?

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Highland Guy
Are You OUT ?#1
Posted: 10/11/19 at 9:15pm

Happy 31st "International Coming Out Day".

Despite the confines of a long U.S. Military and Federal Government career, I have always been "out" as a queer man.  There was no actual coming out.  I have shared my life with one man for more than 50 years, in an open, honest, happy and loving relationship.

Please share your stories.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken ..... Oscar Wilde
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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Are You OUT ?#2
Posted: 10/15/19 at 4:40pm

I came out as gay at 14 but wasn’t able to fully accept and embrace who I was until 17. Even though I wasn’t entirely at peace with this facet of my identity, coming out did make me feel so much better because I no longer had to carry around the weight of something that felt like a secret.

I turned 32 last month and couldn't be happier about being gay.