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October Weekend NY Trip

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October Weekend NY Trip#1
Posted: 9/29/19 at 9:28pm

I know these posts can be annoying but I’ve gotta make a tough decision. I’ll be visiting NYC October 12/13 and can see two shows. I’ve already got tickets for Oklahoma but I’m not sure what my other show will be. I don’t get to go to NY often so keep that in mind. I like straight plays but I have yet to see one on Broadway. These are the options I was between and basic reasons as to why I’m considering. I really just want the most bang for my buck. What’s the must see out of these?

Hadestown- I don’t know a whole lot about this outside the Tony performance and sweep. The tech aspects look really cool. 

Betrayal- Interesting concept and strong cast. I know absolutely nothing about this but have heard good things.


To Kill a Mockingbird- I really really love this book

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Broadway Legend
October Weekend NY Trip#2
Posted: 9/29/19 at 10:13pm
Betrayal is the cheapest and easiest to get tickets for but it's not as good as the other two which will cost you a small fortune. If you've never seen a play on Broadway and love the book, go see Mockingbird, especially to see Jeff Daniels before he leaves (though his replacement Ed Harris is equally as accomplished an actor). Try for SRO tickets if you want to save money and you don't mind standing.
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Broadway Legend
October Weekend NY Trip#3
Posted: 9/29/19 at 10:19pm
I can only vouch for Hadestown, but it’s really a magnificent piece of theatre. I recommend it!
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October Weekend NY Trip#4
Posted: 9/29/19 at 10:30pm

2)To Kill A Mockingbird

I think it is a pretty easy decision to remove Betrayal. If you get a chance to see touring Broadway musicals wherever you live, you may have the opportunity to see the touring version of Hadestown at some point down the road, which may lead you to pick TKAM.  But if that doesn’t sound like an option, I would pick Hadestown.

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