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Survivor: Island Of The Idols

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Survivor: Island Of The Idols #51
Posted: 12/20/19 at 11:19pm
After traveling for work this week thru Wednesday and a stressful conference call this morning that has adversely affected my mood since (ineffective site coordinator for my upcoming NYC trip that is supposed to start two weeks from today means it is probably not going to happen; anyone wanna buy 10 Broadway tickets?), I finally settled in to watch the finale tonight. I had purposefully avoided the posts on here this week so I could dodge any spoilers. Turns out it was just the thing I needed tonight.

I found myself getting emotional especially during the Reunion Special. I had actually pegged Dean to win, but Tommy is definitely worthy. More than that I am always taken back at people who annoyed the hell out of me in the game (like Noura) who seem so human and relatable at the reunion. And Kellee helped normalize both Elizabeth and Missy’s reactions to Dan in the game that erases any judgment I had of them earlier. The fact that Jamal is now roommates with Jack just gives us all a little more hope for the world. And then Elaine and her tears when she received the notice of the money from Sia. And Janet. Certainly it’s Sia’s money and I’m glad that she does it, but I was a little surprised that she only gave $15,000 to Jamal as opposed to what she gave to Elaine and Janet. Still, lovely moments.

I know some people were bored with this season, but it was a memorable one for me although not always for the reasons one would hope. During that fire challenge, I was pulling for Lauren possibly because I was raised by my mom to root for the underdog and she wanted it so much.

I am excited for season 40. Incidentally, I met Ethan once in line at TKTS!
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Mister Matt
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Survivor: Island Of The Idols #52
Posted: 12/26/19 at 3:37pm


Three of my all-time favorite players are back and I’m HELLA excited. 

Me too!  Though I hate the thought at sitting through any episodes with Tyson again, but Natalie more than makes up for it.  I cannot wait to see how she, Parvati and Sandra are going to interact in this season.  The three of them will certainly help compensate for the dead air time I fear will be wasted on Ambuh, especially when Rob isn't around.  I have to admit, I've completely forgotten about half of the cast.  There is a finite number of white women with brown hair I can remember and that number is apparently...four?  Maybe?  I guess I should just be thankful we don't have Chris Daugherty, Vecepia or Richard Hatch playing again.

Going into the final tribal I thought Dean had it in the bag, but boy, not since the days of Russel Hantz have I seen anyone throw away a million dollars so spectacularly.  Given the way final tribal went down, I'm glad Tommy won.  I honestly didn't think he would make it to the end, especially the way he kept allowing Dean to get further in the game.  I wouldn't call him a "strong" player, but he did a decent job at dodging enough bullets to keep going, which is a skill in itself.

Certainly it’s Sia’s money and I’m glad that she does it, but I was a little surprised that she only gave $15,000 to Jamal as opposed to what she gave to Elaine and Janet. 

Eh.  I was sort of surprised she gave any money to Jamal.  Perhaps he's truly sincere, but I find his personality very off-putting.  I couldn't tell if he was just aggressively "woke" or if his "wokeness" is more self-serving.  He throws off this arrogant vibe that seems like he's starved for attention and it drove me nuts.  

"What can you expect from a bunch of seitan worshippers?" - Reginald Tresilian