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Summer TV Finales That Are Worth Watching

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John Adams
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Summer TV Finales That Are Worth Watching#1
Posted: 9/11/19 at 11:52am

Two TV shows I'm disappointed didn't get more love, here: Songland and So You Think You Can Dance. Both have their season finales this week and next.

Songland has its finale tonight (9/11/19 @ 9PM/8PM CST) on NBC. I've LOVED this series because it shows a (usually) unseen process that begins with songwriters demo-ing their songs for an artist, and three additional professional collaborators. The process continues with the collaborators working with selected songwriters (chosen by the artist, after their 'audition'Summer TV Finales That Are Worth Watching to tailor their songs to fit the artist. The final songwriters then demo their re-tooled songs for the artist, and the artist selects which song will be recorded. 

I found the process VERY interesting and enjoyable!

So You Think You Can Dance has its finale this Monday (9/16/19 @ 8PM/7PM CST) on FOX. It always surprises me that this show never gets a thread each summer (especially over a show like Big Brother), but each to his/her own...

The finale is worth watching because each judge selects their favorite routine (the show chooses to call them 'routines' instead of something a little more estimable) to reprise. This season has had some INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL choreography, and the talent has been exceptional.

Many of these dancers show up in subsequent Broadway shows, and alumni of previous seasons return to the show as All-Stars and choreographers. Two of my favorites are Robert Roldan and Travis Wall. It's hard for me to pick one dancer I would want to win because they have all been exceptionally talented.

...and just FTR, I think Cat Deeley never gets enough love from the Emmys as host. She is so beautiful, and warm, and personable (at least she LOOKS that way on TV!). wink

Even if you don't, or haven't watched the whole series, the finale of SYTYCD is always an amazing showcase of dance, and dancers.

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Summer TV Finales That Are Worth Watching#2
Posted: 9/11/19 at 10:09pm
I love SYTYCD. Watch it religiously but I was terribly disappointed in the format, the imbalance between auditions and the actual live show makes it hard to get involved. I believe this was the 2nd year of only a top 10 making the live show. Its barely enought time to get to know them.

Ive never heard of the other show you mentioned.
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