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Broadway Star
Posted: 8/25/19 at 12:20am
Has anyone listened to Taylor Swifts seventh studio album?

For me, the standouts are Cornelia Street, the sublime Death By a Thousand Cuts, the political (finally!) Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince, and the utterly heartbreaking Soon Youll Get Better with the Dixie Chicks.

For me, its a bit disjointed but it is nice to see her get back to writing lyrics that are in a class of their own in modern music.

When her career slows down, shell write a killer musical.
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Sally Durant Plummer
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Broadway Legend
Posted: 8/25/19 at 2:09am

I'm really liking it so far. To be completely honest, I thought Reputation was her highest high, where all her creative risks and public persona culminated in an absolutely brilliant album. I'd put it up there with Born to Die and Ultraviolence as some of my personal favorite albums. 

Tbh I don’t love that this is the direction she took after Reputation; it just feels like a been there done that album. It’s a retread of 1989 with Antonoff instead of Martin. I understand why this is where she went, but I feel like there were a lot of more exciting routes for her with bigger risks.

I like a lot of the songs, I find it uneven (which her albums tend to be). Her single choices were not a good look for her or the album and I find it much better after a full listen with context. Don't like it as much as Reputation, but it will probably grow on me with repeat listens!

"Sticks and stones, sister. Here, have a Valium." - Patti LuPone, a Memoir
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Posted: 8/25/19 at 7:46pm

I'm loving it as well. Cornelia Street, Lover, and Afterglow are my current favorites but with more listens, I'm sure those will change.

I was a big fan of Reputation as well and never really understood the drastic criticism of that album. 

I would LOVE for TSwift to write a musical. I think her storytelling through song is excellent.