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Thursday Matinees off-broadway

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Thursday Matinees off-broadway#1
Posted: 8/14/19 at 3:44am

So I'll be in NY for a week in October, and will be left to my own devices on a thursday afternoon; Are there any shows that have matinees on this day other than PHANTOM and MOULIN ROUGE? I've been having a hard time verifying off-broadway schedules.

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Thursday Matinees off-broadway#2
Posted: 8/14/19 at 8:28am

This isn't an easy thing to find, but here's a site:


Where you can put in the date you are interested in and see all sorts of Broadway, Off Broadway, and other events in NYC for a specific date.  You'll have to scroll thru to find times to separate matinees from evenings and to eliminate non-theater all together, but you can find what you are looking for there.


Play That Goes Wrong has a matinee tomorrow.  Maybe more for your visit?


Check TKTS to see what's on the board tomorrow and look for Off Broadway matinees that might pop up there, too.