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Favorite/ Least Favorite BB Houseguests?


Who are your favorite and least favorite houseguests from Big Brother? My Top Three are

3- Michelle (BB18), Yeah she was a cry baby but she made it so entertaining! Also, her exit was so Iconic, would love to see her on the show sometime soon!

2- Zach (BB16), He was so funny. His veto/ eviction speeches were everything, although he's not the best player he is certainly entertaining.

1- Da'vonne (BB17/18), Ika (BBCAN2/5), Da'vonne supplied everything, as a viewer could need. She gave me drama, gameplay, and a great personality. Ika is amazing! She was a cutthroat player which I loved, not to mention when she executed the backdoor of Nedda from season 5.

My least favorite players are...

3- Aaryn (BB15), Jack (BB21), I have no tolerance for racist misogynists.

2- The entire bb19 cast except for Cody and Jessica, They were so boring lmao.

1- Jackson Michie (BB21), He thinks he is THE alpha male. He has made racist comments about other house guests. He talks down to women and cheated on the have not diet. Not to mention how you never see him without food in his hand. He is the reason the watermelon supplier's grandkids are going to college.

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Favorite/ Least Favorite BB Houseguests?#2
Posted: 8/9/19 at 11:41am

YES to Ika Wong. God we need her on BBUS. I'm still holding out hope for a BBCAN vs BBUS season. BBCAN casting has always been great! 

Britney from BB12 will probably always be my number 1. Thats one of my favorite seasons tbh, and her and Rachel will always be near my top. And Dan, of course. 

Least favorites you've already mentioned, but ill add Alex Ow from BB19. Despicable catty bully!