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Apollo 11 Anniversary

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Apollo 11 Anniversary #1
Posted: 7/16/19 at 11:17pm

Might not be many who care here but I remember it so well . The world stopped. In a good way.

This is Leslie Fishes tribute to this monumental event in human history.

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Apollo 11 Anniversary #2
Posted: 7/17/19 at 6:40am

I remember well being at Camp Ramah in the Poconos. I had just had my Bar Mitzvah the month before. We all gathered in the rec hall where a large black and white TV was set up for us to watch the walk on the moon. Crappy transmission didn’t dim the magic of the moment. The only downside attached— it happened on the detestable Richard Nixon’s watch. 

For anyone able to catch it, the documentary of found footage called APOLLO 11, in theaters earlier this year, is absolutely spellbinding, not only as a recap of the space program itself, but also a riveting snapshot of the American people in 1969. 

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Apollo 11 Anniversary #3
Posted: 7/17/19 at 5:39pm
I turned just 10 years old when his happened on my birthday in 1969. In 1976, my birthday saw another major space related accomplishment...

“The Viking landers were the first spacecraft to land on Mars in the 1970s. On July 20, 1976 the Viking 1 Lander separated from the Orbiter and touched down on the surface of Mars.”

Love July 20th!!! For my 60th birthday this weekend I’ll be celebrating in NYC!
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Apollo 11 Anniversary #4
Posted: 7/17/19 at 9:55pm

" The only downside attached— it happened on the detestable Richard Nixon’s watch. "

It was JFK's vision and that is what I choose to remember. Great moment and still remember watching it on CBS with Walter Cronkite.