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IATSE National Benefit Funds

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IATSE National Benefit Funds#1
Posted: 6/30/19 at 5:48pm

The IATSE, which represents an assortment of workers behind the scenes, has assembled an interesting bundle of beneficial trust funds established through collective bargaining with various entertainment industry employers. Oversight of the funds is provided a Board of Trustees with representation split evenly between the labor union and the employers. I've discovered that the funds are named the National Health & Welfare Funds, the National Annuity Fund, the National Pension Fund, and the National Vacation Fund. If interested, more information about the individual funds is available here.

Honestly, I had no idea before today that IATSE stands for the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, Its Territories and Canada.

From what I've gathered, local chapters of the IATSE seem to be split on support for the Sanders/Warren Single-Payer/Medicare-For-All proposals. There is even a school of thought that suggests that their proposals largely obviate the need for organized labor. I'm no expert in collective bargaining. Nonetheless, it appears to me at least that the AFL-CIO and its many affiliates hold views on the Sanders/Warren proposals that are somewhat at variance. It's anybody's guess how much (or little) they'll be able to reconcile the differences between now and early next year.

Worse still, labor unions in NY of all places can't seem to decide. More at Labor Unions Are Split On Single-Payer Healthcare For NY.

#FactsMatter...your feelings not so much.
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IATSE National Benefit Funds#2
Posted: 7/4/19 at 3:17am

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