Announcing the BWW Buy/Sell Board!

Announcing the BWW Buy/Sell Board!#1
Posted: 3/19/19 at 11:25am

Hello All!

We're very excited to announce today the launch of a BWW Buy & Sell Board! This has been by far one of our most requested features over the years and the team has been hard at work getting this up and running over the last few weeks.

If you're looking to sell or buy anything theatre related (merch, memorabilia, tickets, etc) this is the board for you! We're moving all those here from the main board to make it more convenient to both list and browse anything for sale on the board - with those all appearing on one page and not spread out between tons of other posts.

We have further plans to expand and improve on the current functionality, and welcome your feedback as always on any improvements or features you might like to see.

You can always send any feedback, issues, or errors to the Moderator account via DM or to


~Team BWW.