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Beetlejuice for kids/good show?

Beetlejuice for kids/good show?#1
Posted: 1/16/19 at 11:14pm
Hello. I was hoping I can get information on the ages this show is appropriate for. We were hoping to take my kids during the spring break but wanted to confirm that. If it is kid friendly, does anyone know if this is supposed to be any good? We loved the movie but really haven't heard too much about its upcoming arrival to Broadway. TIA for any info!
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Beetlejuice for kids/good show?#2
Posted: 1/16/19 at 11:19pm
If its anything like the show I saw in Washington DC: it is very much not for kids! A lot of cursing and all around inappropriate things going on onstage. Ive seen that the show isnt advertising how inappropriate it is anymore so maybe they toned it down a lot. Tough to say right now but from what I saw in the out of town try out, its very inappropriate!
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Beetlejuice for kids/good show?#3
Posted: 1/17/19 at 9:13am

I also saw it in DC.   It is more vulgar than the movie.   Would you take your kids to Book of Mormon?  I would put the vulgar language and comments on par with BOM.   

The added vulgar comments really don't add to the show or the laughs.   I think it was a poor choice to include them.   It is a perfect musical to market to the 11-18 age group, especially boys, if they would just tone down the language and innuendo.   And they could basically use some of the same jokes and just tone it down a bit.    

Beetlejuice for kids/good show?#4
Posted: 1/17/19 at 10:21am

OKBroadwayFan said: "
The added vulgar comments really don't add to the show or the laughs. I think it was a poor choice to include them."

I agree with OKBRoadwayFan 100%. I even told them so in the survey I got after I saw the show. At least the vulgarity in Book of Mormon is funny. Beetlejuice vulgarity wasn't. Curious to see if they change anything for Broadway.

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Beetlejuice for kids/good show?#5
Posted: 1/17/19 at 10:30am

It depends on the age of your kids. I went with a high school kid and was totally comfortable.  My kids were more uncomfortable sitting next to me in Book of Mormon than Beetlejuice (at ages 16 and 18).  I'd probably give the DC version a SOLID PG-13 rating...but they may be toning that down some before opening on Broadway.  It would make good commercial sense, IMO, if they got to more of a PG level.  It's not nearly as clever or funny as Book of Mormon in its DC tryout form.  

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Beetlejuice for kids/good show?#6
Posted: 1/17/19 at 11:07am

On the ticketing site, it says: "Recommended for 12 + (Parental Discretion is Advised. Contains strong language, mature references, and a lot of the crazy, inappropriate stuff you would expect from a deranged demon.)"

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Beetlejuice for kids/good show?#7
Posted: 1/17/19 at 12:27pm



There is a hilarious pig puppet that humps an actor. 12-13 plus for sure.


Also, the show is not good. 

Beetlejuice for kids/good show?#8
Posted: 1/17/19 at 3:05pm

IF the Broadway version hasn't changed from DC, then I'd err on the 15+ age range. But honestly there's nothing so extreme that hasn't already been said on tv or facebook.

As for whether the show is good or not is a matter of opinion (and around these parts, opinions are like assholes--everyone has one and most of them stink).

That said... The DC version is definitely a blending of the movie and that early 90s cartoon, but with fun twists. The opening is brilliantly gorgeous and Alex Brightman is truly fantastic as BJ. Sophia Anne Caruso is a vocal powerhouse with so much potential. I REALLY wish a vocal coach would help her navigate those belts, as well as finding a better way to end phrases without that cringey Ashlee Simpson-esque whine she does. Protect that gift, Sophia!)

Kerry Butler and Rob McClure's scenes as Barbara and Adam are not strong at all. They're both such brilliant character actors, but have very little material to work with unfortunately. And Leslie Kritzer as Deelia leaves poor Adam Danheiser in the dust. The DAY-O scene was amazing and ends the first act on a fun cliffhanger, but it's this bizarre guru cult and a boy band in the Netherworld that absolutely do. not. work. I hope the book writers step it up because any momentum up to that point grinds to a full stop! (And this is REALLY nit-picking, but I would love to see more magic/illusions when Barbara and Adam are ghosts, ie passing through the walls/doors like they did with GHOST the musical. It would just really elevate the whole concept.)

Otherwise, technically-speaking this show is a brilliantly engaging spectacle. The set is untouchable, the costumes perfection, and the lights/projections incredibly innovative. The music and lyrics are smart and fresh and I can guarantee that several of Lydia's power ballads WILL be heard in audition halls across the country. The creatures from the Netherworld make fun appearances, and the way the Sandworms are used are really great! I'd recommend giving it a chance. An industry friend said the company is back in the studios working on some funny new material, so I'm hopeful!

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