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Beautiful ! TTFN! Abby! Yay ! Evan Todd..

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Steve C.
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Beautiful ! TTFN! Abby! Yay ! Evan Todd..#1
Posted: 12/31/18 at 5:00pm

My husband and I got a chance to see Abby's last show in "Beautiful" yesterday and she is just as mesmerizing as when she started. After a little break, let's hope she gets another big break on Broadway.

And Evan Todd, continues to surprise me. He's been playing Gerry Goffin since 3/17 and his performance only gets better! He's a real triple treat, (Spring Awakening) and if you haven't seen "4th Man Out" you should check out that film. So YAY, Evan! Keep up the great work!

Happy New Year!

I Can Has Cheezburger With This?
Updated On: 12/31/18 at 05:00 PM
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Beautiful ! TTFN! Abby! Yay ! Evan Todd..#2
Posted: 12/31/18 at 6:09pm
Todd was good in HEATHERS also.
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Beautiful ! TTFN! Abby! Yay ! Evan Todd..#3
Posted: 12/31/18 at 6:31pm
I thought Evan Todd was really bland with no personality rushing through his lines with a bad accent. I saw the previous two men in the role and was impressed both times by the confidence and likeability they gave the character, but Evan didn't have that. Anyone else feel that way?
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Beautiful ! TTFN! Abby! Yay ! Evan Todd..#4
Posted: 12/31/18 at 8:49pm

I really enjoyed Evan's performance as well, so much so that I bought a book about Carole on the way home from the show so I could learn more about what happened to her and Gerry after the ending point of the show. 

I'm looking forward to seeing the show again with Chilina Kennedy since I saw Abby Mueller last year.