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A New Musical by me!

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A New Musical by me! #1
Posted: 12/28/18 at 6:38pm

I'm 18 and an aspiring musical theatre composer. I would love if you could give me some feedback on my concept and whether it is something you would listen to! Thank you...

A Compilation of my new Musical- The Rubenstein plot.

Your hand has been dealt. There are two Jacks, no Kings or Queens, no Hearts, no Diamonds. Guns instead of Spades. The Jack shoots the Joker, the Joker shoots the Jack.

You have no control over what has been dealt.

How can this possibly be a fair game? Jack Ruby asks John Kennedy. John Kennedy pretends not to hear him; he has a better hand.

The problem was, Commisioner, that I knew the game wasn't fair, so I played it better than he did. I was an orphan, a delinquent, a soldier, a lover, a show-boy. I knew all about the game of life. They printed the name 'Jack Ruby,' next to: 'Oprhan, delinquent, murderer.' At least now it's a name they won't forget.

You keep asking me why I did it... why did you point the gun? Why did you shoot? Who turned you into this monster?

But what you should be asking, Jury, is... 'who's writing the history book?'


Georgia Olivia Barnes 

A New Musical by me! #2
Posted: 2/3/19 at 10:03pm
That is SO good, go for it. Good luck!