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Cursed Child - Trade?!

Cursed Child - Trade?!#1
Posted: 12/26/18 at 10:34pm

Hello, all!

I have an unconventional request/query!

My family has 4 tickets to Cursed Child (Broadway), Parts One and Two, for a Wednesday in February. For a variety of reasons, this date has become difficult for us.

Hence, I am wondering if it might be possible to trade (?!) our 4 tickets with someone else who has 4 comparable tickets to the shows sometime between, say, late March and June. That way, another foursome could see the shows earlier than they’d planned (yay!) and my family could attend on a date that is better for us (yay!). This seems like a win-win!

This isn’t a scam... I’m not looking for any kind of monetary exchange and am certainly not looking to make a profit... totally above board... just 4 people switching dates. (And if it won’t work, we’ll attend on our original date and figure out the scheduling complications!)

I don’t even know if such a thing is possible - or, if it is, how to go about magically (ha) finding someone with whom to trade tickets. (Neither Ticketmaster nor the Lyric Theatre has been able to help.)  If anyone has ideas, I’m all ears!

Chorus Member
Chorus Member
Cursed Child - Trade?!#2
Posted: 12/27/18 at 12:03am

This probably isn't helpful as I unfortunately do not know anyone who will switch tickets, but if it makes you feel any better, i would personally try to make the original date.

The original Broadway (as well as debut west end) cast will be leaving mid-march, so if you go on your scheduled date you'll get to see them before they leave.

Again, not exactly helpful as far as your question goes, but hopefully it's a silver lining if you can't find anyone to switch!