Original Trio number

Original Trio number#1
Posted: 12/9/18 at 1:58pm
My school's annual MT showcase is coming up. Due to me going to an arts school I would say that my school is full of great talent. I was trying to make an original number (similar to the Webber love trip) of songs that can portray different messages. Basically my idea was that all of these women are going through hard times with their partners and one is a single mother. I was thinking they'd open with a song they all sang and then it'd break into their solos and it'd end in another group song. I was thinking these songs for these women:
Opening all sing : Send in the Clowns or I Know Him so Well?
1st Solo(Single Mom): As Long As He Needs Me from Oliver
2nd Solo(Married woman with her husband) : Not A Day Goes By from Merrily we Roll Alonh
3rd Solo( Abusive/Awful Relationship): Time Heals Everything or Losing My Mind
Closing All Sing: A New Life from Jekyll and Hyde

I would love to hear your guys' opinions of the number and some song suggestions. Thank you in advance??