Alto-Belter college auditions

Alto-Belter college auditions#1
Posted: 11/15/18 at 10:32pm
Hello!! I need a bit of help selecting, and finding that perfect college audition song. I am an absolute belter, with a fairly wide range, but would call myself an alto. I have a strong head voice, but my mix is my most noticeable weak spot (although it isnít terrible, and I can belt pretty high). Iíve been told by a previous coach that Iím a true soprano who trained my voice incorrectly, but I disagree with this. I hope to start with another teacher shortly.

Iím 18, but I come off older (could probably pull of 25, but no older than that). Iím definitely a character actress, being cast in the past as Ursula, Reno Sweeney, and Mayzie LaBird. Iíd say I can generally pull off femme fatale and spunky tomboyish roles. Iíd love more songs that arenít about a man/marriage, and especially would love some contemporary ballads.

The songs Iím eyeballing are:
(Up/Mid Tempo)
I ainít down yet- Unsinkable Molly Brown (probably my favorite)
Nobody Steps on Kafritz
Aldonza-Man of La Mancha
Always True to You in My Fashion- Kiss me, Kate
Wherever He Ainít- Mack and Mabel
Perfectly Marvelous- Cabaret
All Falls Down- Chaplin

Woman- The Pirate Queen
Everybodyís Got a Home But Me- Pipe Dream
But Not For Me- Crazy for You (also a favorite)
Someone to Watch Over me- Crazy for You
Come Back With the Same Look in your Eyes- Song and Dance
(also a favorite)
I Know the Truth- Aida

I recognize a lot of these may not be appropriate for college auditions specifically (as being a femme fatale character is risky without coming off as...overtly sexual) and would appreciate some farther recommendations, or nods toward songs that you think would be a good fit. Thanks!