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Chicago & Off-Broadway

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Chicago & Off-Broadway#0
Posted: 1/30/04 at 12:18pm
looking to possibly see Chicago when I'm in NY in Feb/March. Gretchen Mol will still be with the show the first couple of days I"m in the city, and Charlotte D'amboise will be playing Roxie the last few days. I dont have strong feelings one way or the other about either lady, having mildly enjoyed Gretchen in The Shape of Things film, and not liking Charlotte much at all in the PBS airing of Contact. Which Roxie would you recommend that I see?

Also, anything interesting playing Off-Broadway? I'm not as well versed with OB productions as I am with Broadway.

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re: re: Chicago & Off-Broadway#2
Posted: 1/30/04 at 12:42pm
I highly recommend De La Guarda. It's a breathtaking experience. One of the most unique and exciting productions I've ever seen.
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re: re: re: Chicago & Off-Broadway#3
Posted: 1/30/04 at 2:28pm
I'd say see Charlotte over Gretchen. I'm a huge fan of Charlotte's and while I *did* like her in Contact, I can honestly say I like her a THOUSAND times more as Roxie in Chicago.
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re: re: re: re: Chicago & Off-Broadway#4
Posted: 1/30/04 at 2:53pm
Gretchen looks great, and I like her acting as Roxie very much, her singing is fine (she sounds best during Roxie) and she can move, but she is not a dancer, not like the other women in the cast are dancers.

I like a strong dancer in the role, and Charlotte is probably one of the best Roxies I've seen in that regard. She also does more adlibbing, which I find amusing (though it may not be for everyone), and her singing is stronger than Gretchen's, even though I would say she is more of a dancer than a singer.

Personally I prefer Charlotte's Roxie to Gretchen's, but there is certainly enough to enjoy in Gretchen's portrayal.
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