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Fortress of Solitude Playbill

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Fortress of Solitude Playbill#1
Posted: 11/12/14 at 4:37pm
Hey folks!

I didn't realize this weekend FOS was closing. As a birthday/Christmas present for one of my friends I'd like to see about getting them a "Fortress of Solitude" Playbill (whether it's signed or not doesn't matter -- but signed is always great, of course!); they saw the show during its tryout in Dallas and loved it.

I contacted someone at The Public and they said they don't do that or would have anyone who would be able to and was wondering if anyone had an extra they'd be willing to sell or send my way; I can pay for postage/shipping even if expedited (I'd need it no later than Dec. 3rd).

Let me know either here or via PM and we can work something out. Thanks y'all!
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Fortress of Solitude Playbill#2
Posted: 11/13/14 at 10:01am
PM me!
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