Phantom of the Opera tour in Boston

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Phantom of the Opera tour in Boston#1
Posted: 7/13/14 at 9:41pm
I saw Phantom on Broadway a little over 10 years ago. Even though it's not my favorite show, I decided to see it again.

Visually, I enjoyed the show, but I didn't see anything revolutionary on (what I believe is) the new staging, choreography and set design.

The cast was dull; I didn't get any chills down my spine during what should be climatic points in the show. For example:

- During All I Ask of You, the kiss between Christine (Julia Udine) and Raoul (Ben Jacoby) seemed forced; there was no emotion. I didn't feel the chemistry between them: I got the impression that they were more "really good friends" than people in love.

- When Christine dances around the Phantom during Point of No Return, it seemed phoned in; nothing seemed to come naturally. Again, I felt no passion between the two, and I was just hearing two people with good voices sing and watching them go through the motions.

I'm not denying everyone's vocal talents; Julia's voice was phenomenal as Christine; however, the production is lackluster. I spent less than $50 bucks on orchestra seats - thank goodness, because I don't think this production is worth the $100+ price tag they are putting on a majority of the seats.

If you are really set on seeing this show, go spend the extra money and just see it on Broadway. I haven't seen the current cast, but I have seen parts of the Royal Albert Hall video and Sierra seemed amazing; I felt a more emotionally-charged performance among all the actors. Granted, I realize this isn't a reflection of the current cast on Broadway, but I can't imagine it being as lackluster as what I saw last night.

I wish I could've written a more positive review!
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Phantom of the Opera tour in Boston#2
Posted: 7/14/14 at 9:48am
Friends of mine who see everything mainstream that tours really enjoyed this production in Boston. They did not know going in that it had been redone at all. They especially enjoyed the chandelier effect, preferred it to the original.
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Phantom of the Opera tour in Boston#2
Posted: 8/20/14 at 1:22pm
I'll just have to judge for myself when I go see the tour near the end of September. I am curious to know if there will be any cast changes between now and then(no offense to the current cast)?
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Phantom of the Opera tour in Boston#3
Posted: 8/20/14 at 2:12pm
I enjoyed the tour when it was in Chicago. There were a couple awkward blocking issues, but over all, it was pretty good. This was much earlier in the run, perhaps boredom is setting in for the actors.
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Phantom of the Opera tour in Boston#4
Posted: 8/20/14 at 2:54pm
Awkward blocking issues? "Music of the Night" looks like some kind of interpretive dance in this version. The whole thing looks like a mediocre regional theatre production.
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Phantom of the Opera tour in Boston#5
Posted: 8/20/14 at 10:20pm
I just saw the tour in Dallas and agree it was underwhelming. Couldnt adjust to the bushy wig the Phantom wore and the staging and costumes of Masquerade were awful. The new staging of the chandelier wasnt a spectacle either although I was on the front row and got the plastic all over