The Tempest coming to movie theaters in March

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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
So happy that The Tempest is coming to movie theaters in March.

I had the pleasure to see this production in Stratford. It stars Christopher Plummer as Prospero, and he is on his A-game. Julyana Soelistyo is a lithe and spritely Ariel. They had great chemistry. Great supporting cast too. Directed by Des McAnuff.

I was truly hoping this production would come to Broadway. It didn't. Jesus Christ Superstar did, go figure. I interviewed Christopher Plummer during its run in Stratford and he too hoped this show would make it to New York. Luckily it was filmed, and a wide audience can now see it.

Updated On: 2/27/14 at 01:40 PM
Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
I saw this when it was first beamed into movie theaters. It really is lovely.
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