Les Mis Understudies/Featured Ensemble Roles

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Featured Actor
Featured Actor
The Les Mis website has updated the cast page with all the understudies and featured ensemble roles listed.

Bamatabois, Grantaire, Major Domo- John Rapson
Bishop of Digne, Combeferre-Adam Monley
Factory Girl-Betsy Morgan
Feuilly-Jason Forbach
Champmathieu, Brujon, Loud Hailer-Aaron Walpole
Constable, Foreman, Courfeyrac-Nathaniel Hackmann
Constable, Montparnasse-Arbender Robinson
Farmer, Claquesous-Dennis Moench
Innkeeper, Babet-Andrew Kober
Innkeeper’s Wife-Christianne Tisdale
Jean Prouvaire-Max Quinlan
Laborer, Fauchelevant, Joly-Chris McCarrell
Lesgles-Terance Reddick
Old Woman-Emily Cramer
Wigmaker-Melissa O’Neil

Swings-Cathryn Basile, John Brink, Ben Gunderson, Weston Wells Olson, Rachel Rincione

Dance/Fight Captain-Ben Gunderson

Jean Valjean-Nathaniel Hackmann, Aaron Walpole
Javert-Nathaniel Hackmann, Adam Monley
Fantine-Betsy Morgan, Melissa O’Neil
Éponine-Erin Clemons, Melissa O’Neil
Cosette-Heidi Giberson, Melissa Mitchell
Marius-Chris McCarrell, Arbender Robinson
Thénardier-Dennis Moench, John Rapson
Madame Thénardier-Emily Cramer, Christianne Tisdale
Enjolras-Jason Forbach, Max Quinlan
Little Cosette/Young Éponine-Mia Sinclair Jenness
Bamatabois-Andrew Kober, Weston Wells Orson
Bishop of Digne - John Rapson, Terance Reddick
Factory Foreman-Andrew Kober, Terance Reddick
Factory Girl-Natalie Charles Ellis, Rachel Rincione
Grantaire-Dennis Moench, Weston Wells Orson
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