Question about review etiquette

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Question about review etiquette#1
Posted: 10/14/13 at 8:10pm
I know that critics do not review shows until they're frozen, and the reviews are released opening night. For blogs and non-critics, does the same etiquette follow? For example, back in 2008-9, if someone wrote a review of Next to Normal for a magazine/website/blog on mental illness, and they focused less on reviewing the show and more on its use of mental illness (which I guess is a review), could this have been published during its preview period or during its run at 2ST or Arena Stage?
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Question about review etiquette#2
Posted: 10/14/13 at 8:27pm
Bloggers don't necessarily follow any rules. Etiquette is simply what's generally accepted-- and isn't governed by anything official.

The types of media you are talking about wouldn't print 'reviews', but might mention the subject matter. They wouldn't have been "invited" to review the show, they would have been just ordinary audience members -- and therefore entitled to write any opinions they'd like.

The only recourse that a production would have, is to not give FREE tickets to an official reviewer to a future show they produce.
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