9 to 5?

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9 to 5?#1
Posted: 10/12/13 at 12:18pm
(I'm afraid I may be opening a can of worms with this however..)

After listening to the cast recording and seeing the UK tour, I was wondering, how do people feel about 9 to 5 The Musical? I've heard many people give opinions, some postivie, fangirl like reactions to complete dislike of the show. I understand every show has it's flaws and I when I saw the UK tour I felt the production was the flaw, not so much the material. I really enjoy the cast recording, bar Hart's numbers. How was the Broadway production?

(I'm guessing with 9 to 5's lack of success I can count out a Straight Talk musical??)
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9 to 5?#2
Posted: 10/12/13 at 12:41pm
I saw this on Broadway and enjoyed it. I think it got a bum rap. The critics picked on the "bigness" of the musical contrasting it with the small scale Spring Awakening. The big broadway musical was for some reason not politically correct that year. Also there was an anti Dolly Parton sentiment in the air as how could a country music star write a Broadway Musical. It was a fun musical. The audience enjoyed it. It was everything a big Broadway musical should be: good story, good music, great performance snd stellar choreography. Megan Hilty and Allison Janney were terrific as was the guy playing Hart whose name escapes me. Someone will tell me who I mean in about two seconds. The Stephanie Block Character was the most passive and problematic. The opening was exciting. The staging exciting except for one odd song by Stephanie Block where she throws her husband out but keeps pulling him back on stage to sing to him. Far less coherent musicals with weaker scores such as Newsies or In the Heights were given the critical blessing while this was not.

The critics piss me off when they lambast something like this and Bonnie and Clyde and give In the Heights, Newsies, the awful revival of Annie passes.
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9 to 5?#2
Posted: 10/12/13 at 5:43pm
AT least I CARED about the characters in both Newsies and ITH. (I didn't LOVE either one, however.)

Truth be told, I had no interst in this on b'way, but once the rights were available, I checked out the script since it has so many strong female roles, thinking it MIGHT be something to consider producing: I have never been able to listen to the entire recording. Nor power through reading the script Not once.
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9 to 5?#3
Posted: 10/12/13 at 5:47pm
The score for Newsies has far better merit than 9 to 5. Dolly over Menken haha.
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9 to 5?#4
Posted: 10/12/13 at 6:16pm
I saw the tour. It is just a dull show. Not terrible, and I would take it over a lot of other successful shows. It has some great characters and some funny moments. I remember looking at my watch a lot during the second act because it dragged on and on.
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9 to 5?#5
Posted: 10/21/13 at 5:25pm
While far from a perfect show, I enjoyed 9 to 5 on Broadway. Enough good music to sing along with (was the dud or two for good measure?) and enough character development to stay involved with. Better than many things I've seen last longer on the B-way, which was unfortunate. Can't speak for the tour, as I didn't see that.
9 to 5?#6
Posted: 10/22/13 at 6:52pm
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9 to 5?#7
Posted: 10/23/13 at 1:52am
^ I would for the most part agree with every other show you listed but NEWSIES. NEWSIES has a pretty darn incredible score, much better than 9 to 5 and I loved that show. The new stuff may be weaker than the original, but the the score as a whole is one of Menken's best in my opinion.

Don't mean to jack the thread, just has to throw my two cents in there.

I second the comments of DramaMamma
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