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8/27/12's Show People#1
Posted: 2/28/13 at 5:50pm
I just saw on twitter that Joan Rivers is a guest on tomorrows episode of Show People on Quite the guest for a webshow!

On another, somewhat random note, what does everybody think of Show People? I personally love it and it was introduced me to people I never knew too much about prior.
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3/1/04's Show People#2
Posted: 2/28/13 at 5:56pm
I'm a little behind. I still haven't seen the Norm Lewis one, but I usually watch them all even if I have no interest in the person being interviewed. I learn things and sometimes become a fan of someone I didn't know much about.
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Emma White
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2/11/13's Show People#2
Posted: 2/28/13 at 8:39pm
I love Show People :) They're really interesting! There are some people that I really hope they interview soon.
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