Les Miserables Movie: Post GG - Pre Oscar

Alan Henry
Team BWW
Team BWW
Les Miserables Movie: Post GG - Pre Oscar#1
Posted: 1/18/13 at 11:38pm
Since we had a huge thread on the movie, I thought we could start a new one, specifically for post Golden Globe comments. I'm sure we'll need a new one by the time of the Oscars.

I personally think this review sums up the movie nicely.

I have to say I think Hugh and Anne were incredible, and perfect choices.I can't think of a better option for this film.
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Broadway Legend
Les Miserables Movie: Post GG - Pre Oscar#2
Posted: 1/19/13 at 10:24am
Why do we need another thread?

Has the movie changed somehow?

"TheatreDiva90016 - another good reason to frequent these boards less."<<>> I hesitate to give this line of discussion the validation it so desperately craves by perpetuating it, but the light from logic is getting further and further away with your every successive post. <<>> -whatever2