Auditions for "Belle" in "Beauty and the Beast"

I am in a local theater group, and they are putting on Broadway's Beauty and the Beast this September. I would love to be Belle, as I know many people would. I am an average weight brunette, 5 feet 5 inches, blue eyes, and am a soprano, but I can sing mezzo as well. What are some tips and tricks to help me stand out from the crowd of auditioners and land the role?
Thank you so much :)
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Posted: 7/28/12 at 10:35pm
If anything one of the most important things for you to do is to KNOW the show and the role. And by that I mean more than just watching the Disney movie a few times and listening to the soundtrack for a bit (because that's what everyone else is going to do). You should know all of the songs in the stage musical and the differences between the stage and the film version. Also check out some clips of other stage performances of Beauty and the Beast on youtube and take notes on things that the actors do which you think works and doesn't work.

You should also try to figure out more about Belle's character (more along the psychology end of things) because it can really add some depth to your audition.

Also do you know who's directing the production? If you've worked with this director before are there certain things you noticed they liked or didn't liked during rehearsal's? Do you know what they look for when casting people into certain roles?

Break a leg and of course HAVE TONS OF FUN! :)