Is there room for female Tenors on Broadway?

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I've always been aware of my very distinctive sound and deep voice. I have a good range, however, by most choir instructors I am still considered a female tenor. I'm still young(17 in a month) but I imagine that my voice has matured near fully if not entirely to where it will rest the remainder of my career in theater arts. And like so many other young performers, I have an undying dream to be on Broadway someday. I plan on this happening no matter the difficulties I face but insight into my possible obstacles and tips on how I may overcome them in the future-or better yet, prepare for them now-would not only surpass my expected degree of this site's helpfulness but would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. I adore this website and all of the brilliance and talent possessed within it's members. Thank you all in advance.

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As long as you can hit the notes written for whatever character you're playing, you should be fine, especially if you're an excellent dancer/actress. You might be able to hit tenor notes and have a very deep voice, but on your resume you should write that you're an alto or mezzo with very strong low range (you can even state your lowest consistent note if you'd like). However, beware of the current trend in musical theater of everyone having to sing higher and higher. Study with a voice teacher and hone your other skills so you can be the best performer YOU can be. The bigger your range and stylistic versatility, the more likely you'll be to get work. Make sure you know your type and choose your audition material as such. And don't forget that it will be an uphill battle (it is for everyone!), but all you can do is try your best and never give up. Also keep in mind that you'll find more success as you get older, since most roles for younger women are for sopranos or high belters. If anything, your distinctive voice will give you an advantage over the cookie-cutter types in the long run.

PS: thanks for your compliment in the N2N audition thread Is there room for female Tenors on Broadway?