Sarcastic uptempo Song from a musical theatre

Hello everyone,

I need help choosing a song for a monologue. I am looking for an uptempo song that is kind of sarcastic or even angry. After searching through all kind of musicals for 5 hours yesterday i found "I hate Musicals" from Ruthless which is kind of perfect when it comes to the character of the song what i am looking for. What doesnīt fit at all is that she bears hatred towards musicals.
Something like "Some people" from Gypsy would work too but the theme of that song isnīt helping either.

The character is complaining about almost everything around her. The monotony of beaches, about the need to see girls there that are in better shape than herself, about the fact that she always gains weight in Italy, about her husband not thinking of her and taking more care of other young girls, about the movie that was shown in the plane she was in before it crashed. About the fact that she and her son are the only ones having survived the crash. The main complaint are the Gucci shoes that got ruined walking around at the beach.

If it helps the monologue I am doing is from "Fat Man in Skirts" an it is the beginning monologue from Phyllis Hogan.

I hope someone can help me out here!

Thanks in advance!
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"Throw It Out" from A New Brain comes to my mind immediately.
"You travel alone because other people are only there to remind you how much that hook hurts that we all bit down on. Wait for that one day we can bite free and get back out there in space where we belong, sail back over water, over skies, into space, the hook finally out of our mouths and we wander back out there in space spawning to other planets never to return hurrah to earth and we'll look back and can't even see these lives here anymore. Only the taste of blood to remind us we ever existed. The earth is small. We're gone. We're dead. We're safe." -John Guare, Landscape of the Body
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In Short - Edges.