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VENUS IN FUR Moves to the Lyceum with Nina Arianda & Hugh Dancy; Now Plays Through June 17

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Great news! Congrats to all involved.

It seems that the remainder of the run at the Friedman is sold out, so I look forward to catching this one again at the Lyceum. :)
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That's great! I keep wanting to see this but can't seem to get a ticket! I'm glad I now have more chances to see it!
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I saw an early preview and I really wanted to make a return visit. So glad that it's getting a longer life.
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Excellent news. always like seeing shows extend their runs.
A Chorus Line revival played its final Broadway performance on August 17, 2008. The tour played its final performance on August 21, 2011. A new non-equity tour started in October 2012 played its final performance on March 23, 2013. Another non-equity tour launched on January 20, 2018. The tour ended its US run in Kansas City and then toured throughout Japan August & September 2018.
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I assume this means Arianda's Tony is now in Jan Maxwell's bag?
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Swing | Joined: 11/7/11
>>I assume this means Arianda's Tony is now in Jan Maxwell's bag?

Not if Rosemary Harris and Audra McDonald have anything to say about it. ; )
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Best news I've heard all season. Go, Nina, go!!!! We'll be rooting for you big time come the Tonys!
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While I *loved* Nina Arianda's performance in VENUS IN FUR, I will still be rooting for Stockard Channing to win the 2012 Tony Award for Lead Actress in a Play.

Happy for all involved in VENUS IN FUR and I hope it can play out its entire limited engagement at the Lyceum. In fact, I will probably see it again at the new venue.
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I think Nina Arianda will win the Tony. Her performance is astonishing. While I enjoyed Other Desert Cities as a play and thought Stockard Channing was very good, indeed, I think Nina Arianda's performance jumped out at me as singularly spectacular. It was the kind of performance that electrifies the audience (it did when I saw it). I think Other Desert Cities will take its share of awards (best play), but have a feeling Nina Arianda is going home with that Tony.

That said, any further life given to a new work with talented actors is to be celebrated.
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I trying to make more of a joke than give a difinitive prediction. I think she is a STRONG contender already though. If she does win, they'll probably extend again.

Also, Audra is in a musical, so she's out of the compeition in Nina's category.
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I wonder if Channing will be vying for Best Actress or Best Featured? To me, ODC is an emsemble piece, and she doesn't strike me as the lead but will probably be nominated as such.

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Rosemary Harris
Carla Gugino
Cynthia Nixon
Kim Cattrall
Tracie Bennett
Linda Emond (if she's leading)

Way too early to call this, or any other, Tony race...especially since half the shows haven't even opened yet.
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Weren't there rumors about Master Class also transferring to a commercial run? I missed it and would love a chance to see it.
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Master Class is going to London.
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Jordan Catalano
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I honest to God can't understand the love for this show. It's two great performances in a completely horrible play.
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I am glad that it is moving and having the chance to have a new life past its limited run.

Personally, this is a play that I have wanted to see for a very long time. However, I always put seeing it on the back burner for whatever reason, thinking that I will get a chance to see it. But, when I realized that the show is closing soon, I tried unsuccessfully to get a ticket. This is why I am glad that this show is moving on (among many other reasons of course.) But, at least I will get to see it.
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Swing | Joined: 11/7/11
>>Also, Audra is in a musical, so she's out of the competition in Nina's category.

Porgy & Bess is a musical?! Thanks for that info! >teasing<

You mentioned Nina and Jan as probable winners (Jan's in a musical too, btw), I mentioned Rosemary and Audra — beloved actresses in richer roles — as possible spoilers in the Lead Actress categories. ; )

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After Eight
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I thought the play was awful.

The woman tortured the man, and the playwright tortured us.
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Jordan Catalano
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I liked the play but agree it wouldn't have been nearly as good if there were lesser actors in it.

I would like to see Nina's performance again, though.
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I couldn't agree more Jordon. The show was a colossal bore as soon as they started reading the play within a play that lasted an hour an a half.

Awful night in the theatre.
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So why is this selling out? Is there nudity. Most people I know hated it.
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Jordan Catalano
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Nope, no nudity. Just two people reading a boring play and taking a break every 20 minutes or so to participate in the play people paid to see.
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Broadway Joe
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I agree with Jordans comments.

No nudity in the show but Ninas legs were worth the price of admission for me haha