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First Preview Jerusalem?

After Eight
Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
First Preview Jerusalem?#51
Posted: 4/6/11 at 1:52am
To Gimme a Break:

I enjoyed reading your well-thought analysis, although, obviously, I do not share your high regard for this play.

"Ultimately, the play isn't restricted to small town England, it's about an establishment breaking in and endangering something wild and sacred. "

Actually, there is no need for the establishment to break in and endanger something wild and sacred: Johnny Rooster Byron has already desecrated it by his god-awful trailer-home and the junk he has littered all over the forest grounds. He's a boor no matter where he lives.

And I quite fail to see why this person merits the slightest indulgence or empathy whatsoever. As you yourself state, his conduct is reprehensible. So we're supposed to feel for him because he refuses to play by society's rules? Sorry, but I'm not buying it. One can be an individualist, one can retire to the woods like Thoreau, and still be worthy of admiration. This individualist is so obnoxious that he stands as a poster boy for the establishment.

He's also a crashing bore. That's never great when one has has to spend over 3 hours in his presence.
Featured Actor
Featured Actor
First Preview Jerusalem?#52
Posted: 4/6/11 at 2:47am
It's the "bad boy" thing. Rooster is a serious bad boy. That's why the girls love him.
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Broadway Legend
First Preview Jerusalem?#53
Posted: 4/6/11 at 8:42am
I think I'll catch this one next weekend. Seems like the play to see this season.
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