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MEMPHIS Announces National Tour, Begins In Memphis, TN In October 2011

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I just wonder how long it'll play in Memphis. A month?? 6 weeks?? longer?? And I wonder if the Broadway production will still be running by the time the tour starts.
A Chorus Line revival played its final Broadway performance on August 17, 2008. The tour played its final performance on August 21, 2011. A new non-equity tour started in October 2012 played its final performance on March 23, 2013. Another non-equity tour launched on January 20, 2018. The tour ended its US run in Kansas City and then toured throughout Japan August & September 2018.
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I'm surprised by this announcement. The show is not a box office smash and it hasn't even gotten any Tony Award nominations or any other nominations of any kind yet.
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I doubt it will be an extremely long run in town. In recent years, the longest run the Orpheum has hosted has been Wicked's several week long run. However, I could be wrong. I know we invested in the show and that Pat Halloran and co. have a special liking for it.
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I'm very pleased to see that the kick off of yet another Broadway tour is being held in Tennessee (first the announcement of "9 to 5" in Nashville and "Memphis" in Memphis). Hopefully this will become a trend that will spread throughout the state (preferably to the side that I live one). Even though Memphis is kicking off in Memphis most likely because they're tipping a hat to the city in which their show is named after, I'm still hopeful. That being said, I have no clue why a show of this calibur is going to tour. That's a very strange choice.
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The show is not a box office smash and it hasn't even gotten any Tony Award nominations or any other nominations of any kind yet.

Nominations for the major awards (Tonys, Drama Desk, Outer Critics Circle) haven't been announced yet, so that is not a valid remark.

And for what it's worth: the La Jolla production did win in two categories of the San Diego Theatre Critics Circle Awards: Outstanding New Musical and Male Lead Performance in a Musical.
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@Elke- Keyword: yet. Most shows do not announce a tour until after nominations or awards. I am sure that is what beautywickedlover intended by their post.
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I've seen other Broadway shows announce their tours before the awards season. Like other shows, 'Memphis' wants to remind nominators and voters of those awards that the show is doing well enough to plan a tour and has a future. 'Memphis' opened over 5 months ago (Oct. 19), so it's trying to let folks know it's here, having survived some misguided predictions it would've closed awhile ago. In reality, the show got its fair share of rave reviews (AP, Post, Newsday, Hollywood Reporter, etc.), and thanks to word-of-mouth, its advance keeps growing. It also took out a N.Y. Times ad on Sunday to announce a new block of tickets is now on sale through Jan. 2.
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When i saw the show in January the merch guy told me that the show, while obviously not breaking any records sells very well every week and the word of mouth buzz surrounding the show and its cast is providing them with full audiences clearly the show has fans and it is the perfect type of show to do a national tour.
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The music and story of Memphis is really good. Saw it back in Dec. and Ms. Glover did a great job but the lead guy, well...he tried. Will be very interested to see it on tour.
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kimball is a far better actor than glover...just sayin.
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I think the story is cliche and predictable but I feel that the show would be merely mediocre were it not for the incredibly talented cast who elevate the material tremendously, much of the music is really good and I loved the staging and would probably see it if it came near me.
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I did not expect the end, and it kinda made me mad because it really didn't have meaning to me.

I love the choreo. in this show. The technical elements are good and the music is good(even if it gets a little repetitive). I would probably see it.