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If you thought you were a Broadway fan, this guy will put you to SHAME!

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Immediate reactions:

A) He's straight?

B) COOL! I'm verry jealous!

C) WOW! That's a little much for the space you LIVE in...

D) And I thought *I* like musicals!

E) OK, whatever is a level above jealous...I'm that!
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Jordan Catalano
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Somebody ought to tell his girlfriend who's in "WICKED!!!" that her boyfriend's a pole smoker.
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Glad I wasn't the only one to have that reaction.

Ok BWW, fess up, which one of you is this?
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That's just...ridiculous. For so many reasons.

If this IS a BWWer, this thread will be deleted by morning.
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I actually know him. He was in Jersey Boys in Chicago for over a year I believe, and when I went to New York at the end of January, my friend and I sat next to him in the front row at Next to Normal. He's such a nice guy.

And yes, he's definitely straight. His girlfriend is now his fiancee, and they have the most adorable dog ever.
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Jordan Catalano
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Yes....My girlfriend is real also. She's not here right now, though. She's in....Scandinavia. Yes, Scandinavia. Visiting her......Uncle? Yeah, she's visiting her Uncle. She's there all the time but when she gets back she really wants to meet you! She was just here for a few days but we wanted to spend it alone so we didn't see any friends or anything, just spent it alone. (You know how it can be when a straight guy like me and a female woman are alone together. We just can't keep our hands off each other and never even leave the bedroom!!)
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I saw him in Forbidden Broadway. If I remember correctly the video was done for a Broadway on Broadway competition to win tickets to bring his parents to NY.
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Jared is really one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. My favorite video blog is of him and his gf singing Side Show when they were making breakfast and noticed they had siamese eggs.
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Who is he harming, exactly? Well, it's rough on the walls, but that's about it.
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white guy
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for "Jordan Catalano"...

don't be so crude. A pole smoker? really? how old are you? what do you do for a living?

you are a stereotype all your own, and a moron.

as for the others...glad you liked the tour. long live intelligent comments.

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It's ironic that this shows up on here. I was talking to Jared's fiancee's bestie on Sunday night and we were talking about this exact video. By the way I think it's awesome and I think Jared is too. You too Lindsay and Berkley. If you thought you were a Broadway fan, this guy will put you to SHAME!
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The place is a little to OCD for my personal tastes...but to each his ownn!
If we're not having fun, then why are we doing it? These are DISCUSSION boards, not mutual admiration boards. Discussion only occurs when we are willing to hear what others are thinking, regardless of whether it is alignment to our own thoughts.
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Wait, being a theatre fan is a competitive sport now? I didn't realise! That's probaby why I'm not feeling any shame. :P
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Weez, I just love you.

Seriously, he seems like a nice guy and I didn't a gay vibe at all.
I am most impressed with the original Follies poster. Sweet!

....but the world goes 'round
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Quick call "Hoarders'. I'll volunteer to help clean out all that junk, because I'm just that nice.
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Stage Door Sally
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Love that Urinetown bathroom, complete with autographed toilet seat!
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Somebody better warn his gf. It's all fun and games until they get married and have a kid. The first time that baby upchucks on his Evita poster ain't gonna pretty.
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His collection puts me to shame... If you thought you were a Broadway fan, this guy will put you to SHAME!
He's gd looking, loves musical AND straight... should start running before the ladies on this board starts chasing for him! lol
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The other videos are even better!

I'm in love with their King Charles Cav (Berkley-apparently pwonounced with a Babawa Walters "R") and the apartment and the Forbidden Bway clip and I want to marry Lindsay AND Jared!

Where's MY sweet hunk of southern gentleman with a great voice and MY lovely musical theatre lady who makes her puppy do arms-choreography to songs from Wicked? Where, I ask you, where?! (sobs and runs into bathroom, slamming door behind him)

(from behind bathroom door) I'll be fine. Don't worry about me. I'm just glad they're happy! (whimpering continues as the curtain falls)

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A Nancy Opel TOILET seat??? That just tops it all.
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Wow. Holy Cow!

What if his apartment was destroyed by a fire? Is all that Broadway memorabilia stuff insurable?
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"I don't get a gay vibe at all."

ROTFLMAO. Seriously. Rolling.
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> Is all that Broadway memorabilia stuff insurable?

In fact, the answer to that question (not that you necessarily really wanted to know, but I'm a geek: I can't help myself If you thought you were a Broadway fan, this guy will put you to SHAME! is yes: you can insure *anything* if you're willing to pay a high enough premium for it, and let the insurance company inspect the place where's it's stored/displayed.

This is the sort of insurance cover (as our British friends would put it) where Halon, strong doors and windows, and security guards factor into the premium calculation.

But as a favorite SF author once put it, "Lloyds will take either end of any bet". That's what insurance is, you know: "I'll bet you, State Farm, that I can total my car this year, and cost you more than my premiums!"