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Happy Birthday to Max von Essen!

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Broadway Legend
Happy Birthday to Max von Essen!#1
Posted: 1/11/10 at 6:17am
Happy Birthday to Max von Essen! He was born Thomas von Essen II on January 11, 1974 in New York City. from RC in Austin, Texas
"Noel [Coward] and I were in Paris once. Adjoining rooms, of course. One night, I felt mischievous, so I knocked on Noel's door, and he asked, 'Who is it?' I lowered my voice and said 'Hotel detective. Have you got a gentleman in your room?' He answered, 'Just a minute, I'll ask him.'" (Beatrice Lillie)
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Broadway Legend
Happy Birthday to Max von Essen!#2
Posted: 1/11/10 at 10:01am
and me! hahahah (Please click and help me win!) I chose, and my world was shaken- So what?
The choice may have been mistaken, The choosing was not...
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