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Currently Reading (Take 2)

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re: Currently Reading (Take 2) #976
Posted: 1/13/20 at 5:46pm

Just finished "The Starless Sea" Erin Morgenstern's post Night Circus novel.  Obviously it wasn't as good as " The Night Circus"  but had some very good moments and a sweet lil gay romance in it. Liked how the College kids were depicted. Needed editing, at least 10-15% would not have been missed.

Also about 1/2 thru "The Overstory"  Richard Powers a collection of kinda short stories all connected through trees. i really like this one  poetic but down to earth (sic) and I am falling in love with trees.

Also just started The Witcher Saga Unfortunately  Had to start w the 2nd book in the series but it's not really impeding my understanding or appreciation. It's odd bcause as a work in translation there is a lot of modern idiom that comes into use giving it an odd perspective of both Medieval  and modernity . Haven't see the series  I'm told there r substantial differences. ( hope so Ciri is starting to bug me but So far I'm liking it.)



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re: Currently Reading (Take 2) #977
Posted: 1/13/20 at 7:23pm

I am looking forward to attending the Opening Ceremonies and some of the events of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.  I am no stranger to Paris, but I've been reading a number of travel guides (both old and new), including the "DK Eyewitness Travel Guide".  Always fun to map out a journey.

Also reading (for the second time) Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities.  

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re: Currently Reading (Take 2) #978
Posted: 1/14/20 at 9:35am

I'm reading SKYWARD by Brandon Sanderson and THE REMAKING by Clay McLeod Chapman

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re: Currently Reading (Take 2) #979
Posted: 1/14/20 at 4:09pm

Reading Mary Toft; or The Rabbit Queen.
It's the fictionalized telling of the true story of a woman who supposedly gave birth to 16 rabbits in the early 1700s. Her case was believed by most and went all the way to the king of England who sent several of his own doctors to investigate. She fooled them as well. Very bizarre, but interesting look at medicine and beliefs of the time.re: Currently Reading (Take 2)

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