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re: Who's the Most Stressed?

Posted: 9/24/08 at 2:55pm
OH GIRL. That is the worst. Today, I had to pee really bad in between chorale and my stats class and I had to hold it the whole time because we had a test. Good times.
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re: Who's the Most Stressed?

Posted: 10/9/08 at 6:47am
Me! Me! Me!

No really

Creative Writing
Advanced Engineering Math
Information Systems Science
Engineering Circuit Analysis

Which may not seem like a lot of classes, but our profs provide enough homework that someone who was only taking classes would feel stressed. Not to mention they are engineering classes... which makes them hard. Unless you think Fourier Transforms and Bernoulli's Equation are pieces of cake, in which case you are a genius. Congrats.

I'm the Social Chair and the Historian for my sorority... not to mention how time consuming (yet rewarding) being in a sorority is in the first place (ceremonies, meetings, homecoming floats to build, sisterhood events, etc)
I'm a Peer Mentor, so I have to help teach a freshman orientation class every week
I'm the Movie Night Chair for my college's activities council which means every week I have to plan, set-up and run a movie night in addition to helping run our big events such as homecoming.
I'm publicity chair for our theatre program, which mean in addition to being in charge of all the fliers, t-shirts, etc. I'm responsible for basic council duties such as reading a multitude of plays and musicals to help our selection process each semester. And I'm actually in one of our plays this semester, so add to that rehearsals.
I'm on an IM Flag Football team, two in fact, so add in two games a week (thankfully, though, my last game was tonight!)

And did I mention I have a job? I work at an engineering consulting firm working on lighting and power designs.

And I don't have a license, so if I have to go anywhere or get anything, I have to walk or take the bus, which is fine, but very very time consuming. Basically I haven't gotten groceries in at least two months. And I just manages to do laundry for the first time in three.

College is fun! Seriously, I'm only a Junior... I hear next year is much, much worse.
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re: Who's the Most Stressed?

Posted: 10/9/08 at 7:50pm
I doubt I WIN...because everyone seems PRETTTTYY stressed...but I do get high up there on the list. Here I go...

British Literature
AP Spanish
AP Politics and Government
Theatre History
World Theatre: A Physical Approach
Musical Theatre Scene Study

2 Operas to be memorized the 24th actually
College applications
Cabaret Auditions
Community theatre Auditions
A movie premiere coming up...damn, I def forgot about that.
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re: Who's the Most Stressed?

Posted: 10/11/08 at 9:37pm
Hey I'm in middle school and I'm in a class where I have to figure out my high school schedule. I'm determined to have 35 credits when I'm greduating. Am I insane?
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re: Who's the Most Stressed?

Posted: 2/10/20 at 2:33am

theatreholic said: "
Monday- voice lesson from 3:30 to 4:30, then 2 hours of homework.
Tuesday- Tada! Youth Ensemble Rehearsal from 4 to 6, then 2 hours of homework
Wednesday-Jazz from 4-6, 2 hours homework.
Thursday- Tap from 4-7 (yes, three hours), 2 hours of homework.
Friday- Modern Dance which I HATE from 4-5, then 2 hours of homework.
Not to mention my grades have dropped down to a B+ average.

If you address homeworkhelp site, essaytyper or to help you with homework materials or even writing assignments, your homework will reduce to 1 hour time.


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re: Who's the Most Stressed?

Posted: 2/16/20 at 12:02pm
12 or more years later, perty sure no one on this thread still needs help.
If we're not having fun, then why are we doing it? These are DISCUSSION boards, not mutual admiration boards. Discussion only occurs when we are willing to hear what others are thinking, regardless of whether it is alignment to our own thoughts.